Sensor Connections

I have had sensor connection issues for about a year or more. Every time I have to change a battery in a sensor it is impossible to get the sensor to re-connect to the bridge. I have 2 cams with Bridges installed in my house…All set up correctly. Solid Blue lights for Bridge connection. I have had 4-5 sensors fail on me and I have had to continue to purchase new sensors to try to replace the non connecting ones…I have tried all the troubleshooting issues up to and including removing the device from my app and trying to install it like a new one. NO JOY. I know this is a major problem with numerous people and I know there is a Sensor v2 out now but only sold if you subscribe to the monitoring service which is kind of BS. I just replaced 2 batteries today and both sensors failed to connect. 1 keeps blinking 3x rapidly and the other only blinks when I open the door and by pass the 2nd half of the sensor, otherwise it only blinks when trying to set up 5x after reset is pushed. CAN ANYONE HELP???

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Same problem, Never finds any of my sensors after replacing the batteries for the first time (or any time I’m assuming).