Sensor+Camera+Video Linked

One Sensor is linked to a Camera,
If I go to the events in the Sensor it gives me the time of the event but it does not offer the option to watch the video captured because of the event. Could that be added as an option?

This is already in the app. If you have a camera recording a video during an event on one of the sensors, it will show up in the camera event list as a “Smart Video Alert”.

if I have a sensor trigger a camera video recording and within those 12 seconds someone happens to walk under the SAME camera, will it trigger a second recording with just the name of the camera as it would if a sensor never triggered it?
So for example, if i have a sensor on a gate trigger a recording to the camera on my porch, will another recording from my porch camera occur too?

Sensor and camera (motion and sound) event notication videos are separate from each other, so the answer is yes, you should get one from the camera detection, also.

I just tested this for you , The answer is yes you will get 2 video clips at the same time .
One is labeled motion , the other is labeled Smart Video Alert

ok, when i tested it last night i didn’t feel like this was happening for me.
Do you have the v2 or Pan? Which firmware are you on?

The bridge is installed on a v2 , Firmware is , App version is 2 .3.69

Sorry to rehash an old issue … but I am still not getting 2 events. If my contact sensor triggers a recording for Camera A and I am walking through Camera A at the same time, I am still only getting ONE recording called “smart video alert”

Maybe something changed, I don’t know, I only tested it out that one time

@JennLynnC if your camera has motion detection events turned on then you should get a video for the motion and a second video for when the gate contact sensor smart video alert. Although right now I don’t think the contact smart alert videos are working properly.