Sensor bridges keep losing connection

I have 2 sensor bridges. I have noticed that they stop working after some time with the regular wyzecams. I swapped them to the ptz versions. That was working for a while but I’m now having issues there as well. The blue lights are on but the sensors will not connect. Reboots don’t change this. The distance shouldn’t be an issue because they have always been within range. It almost seems like maybe updates lower the voltage output of the USB ports on the cameras. Any advice would be helpful.

Frustrating when this occurs… ,

But one way I’ve found that has worked for me is to unplug the bridge from the camera, and then reset the camera by unplugging it, And wait 10 seconds, and then reapply power to the camera… Once the camera boots up completely, then re-insert the bridge… Then be patient… it takes a few minutes for it to find the devices… And sometimes, it finds the devices, but you may have to manually activate the door/window sensor or trip the motion detector in order to kick start the system back to where it recognizes the activity from these sensors…

Using a bridge in a pan cam is generally not recommended. They tend to have more issues. Using a 2 amp power brick like the Pan Cams and a pan cam power cord (shorter) foraV2 with s bridge is also a good idea-I do this for all of mine.
@FullyChargedTech‘s advice is a new sequence to me, but it sounds like it has merit and has worked for him. I don’t see that it can hurt and will definitely try it on mine!

I have tried this with 3 of the non ptz cams with no luck. That’s what caused me to try the ptz ones. So far, those have not shown the issue. Is there a way to know what the operational voltage of the bridges so I can test what is coming from the non ptz cameras?