Sensor bridge turns yellow (lose connection)

For the last 2-3 weeks the bridge has turned yellow about 3-4 times and doesn’t re-connect. I thought at first I was not getting enough power to the cam, pan cam, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore. I connected directly to power rather than a usb host. I can only resolve the issue by unplugging the bridge from the cam and plugging it back in. After I do that everything works. The camera works fine during the bridge outage and can even restart it remotely. However, restarting the cam doesn’t solve the issue with the bridge only a physical unplug and plug back in fixes the problem.

Could it be a problem with its location if its to far from a sensor? I have 3 sensors connected to it.

The camera is only the latest firmware.

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I moved the bridge from the pan cam to a regular cam. Have not had any problems since. The door sensor one day got stuck on open. Popped the battery out, put it back in. Issue currently fixed in its current config.

Glad you figured that out! :slight_smile:

After reading several posts on the subject, I have been suspecting inadequate power to the cameras the bridges get plugged into that are having this problem. Some of them have been due to daisy chained cameras, and others have been due to extension cables that are too long. I also think that some of the factory power plugs are not outputting enough power in some cases.

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Had same problem changed from a 1A USB charger to a 2A solved it.

I’m using a USB extension as well, the hole is too damn small to use any other longer cable.