Sensor automation not working

Was experiencing similar issues… But as of his morning… the sensors seem to be back “on-line” and functioning… (But of course, for how long??)

Sensors turn on lights but do not turn them off after clear period.

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As of 9:20 am, Still not working correctly. Reset camera that has bridge attached, force stopped application, restarted android phone. Motion
detectors sense motion, turn on smart plug with light attached, but does not turn off light after motion clear time has passed. Still not working correctly.

Me too!

Same here, so disappointed

yup… Mine is exhibiting the same issue… Now will turn on… but when motion clears, it is not turning off the light… (But I can manually control the light on/off.)

I guess having it come on is a start in right direction again… Just need app to close the loop and shut off… (Better than yesterday when it wasn’t acknowledging activity from the contact sensors nor the motion detectors…)


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Same issue here. Rules Automation will not turn off bulbs after motion sensor has cleared. This problem has clearly not been “resolved”.

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I restarted the camera where the sensor is set up with. Automation is now working open and close

After many re-starts of the cameras… same result… motion will trigger lights to go on … but wont turn them off…

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My motion sensor works to trigger the lights on, but will NOT turn them off after a set amount of clear time. Only works if I set them to turn off immediately upon motion sensor clearing. Better than yesterday’s multiple issues, but clearly there are still some bugs to work out. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the sensor, restarting cam and bridge over and over, even tried on another cam to no avail.

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@WyzeGwendolyn People are still having problems. Rules are not triggering devices to OFF


Mine quit working again, turns light on but when motion is clear, will not turn off…


In my case, things are working normally except motion detector on front porch, which has not sent a signal since Dec. 16th, according to the app. Red light flashes when tripped, but nothing else. On the positive side, “smart” video recordings from contact trips are working again. They had not been working for over a month. I had just assumed it was a problem on my end…

Sensors set to do something after so many minutes has not worked for two days. However the only current available rule option that is working is to do something after it clears. I have been working on this since yesterday morning and have done everything possible the above option is the only thing currently working


Same problem for me. Any updates?

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Nope, still happening and it looks like Wyze takes off on Sundays cause no response here nor the facebook group. Seems they still think the issue was “resolved” and clearly it has not been fully resolved.

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Yeah same here…it’s frustrating, but hopefully it will get resolved ASAP!

Any update? Woke up this morning to all the lights on in my house. Lights are not turning off when motion clears.

6:30 am Monday, Again power cycled camera with bridge attached, force stop Wyze app on Android phone, restarted Android phone.
Same problem as yesterday. Motion detectors detect and turn on smart plugs, but will not turn off. Lights remain on, never going off.

Yes, still having this issue