Sensor automation not working

did we have a software update that caused this last night?

My last Wyze app update has been 3 days ago…did not experience any issues until today.

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I see tons of failed triggers in my history. Several for Switches I am not even using.

It is getting worse. All my Bulbs are OFF. Two show ON. I manually toggle them OFF and leave the App. When I check again, the App shows those two as ON. I even used a group toggle to turn all 4 On, then Off. When I return, the same 2 show ON again.

I have a Ring, no problems. I have Treatlife bulbs, no problems. I use Alexa, no problems. Fire Stick and TV, no problems.

I was having the same issue this morning with a bulb showing ON when it was actually OFF. Did the same thing, turned it off in the app, closed the app, reopened it and it said it was ON again. That seems to have stoppe but sensors aren’t working properly. There’s a huge delay and automations aren’t triggering at all. This is very frustrating. The same thing happened last month and again in August. There was a huge issue both times.

Yeah apparently it’s a known issue, but I am not sure where they are in resolution process. Last update was 1pm today 12/19/20

This is incredible. Far from the first, second, or third time. I’m sure it’s far from the last.
Wyze will say…”Sorry about that.” Again.
At some point, “sorry” doesn’t cut it.


Sensors not working here, I have 5 of them, no immediate notifications, and several notifications that are hours old.

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I am actually surprised we have not heard about any updates on this since 1p pt

My cameras have been screwed up all day. I can’t control the on/off or the automations.

They go home for the day at noon on Saturday. :rage:

My smart plug was doing that 20 hours ago. it was showing ON when it was OFF after it failed to turn off according to the set schedule.

Surprise, Surprise

I went into Alexa and set up my routines there. Works perfectly. Open the door, the sensor triggers the bulb on. Close the door… light off.

I will just use Alexa as if using different manufacturers devices. Tired of Wyze flukes

Looks like my devices are working again, fingers crossed it’s all fixed

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Mine aren’t. One Bulb showed the cloud symbol and after it was back online the toggle was no longer stuck on. The trigger still doesn’t work.

I’m finally back in working order again…
Was a long 24 hrs though

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my sensor is working again. Thank you!!

things still failing -

triggers that are for sensor being clear for N minutes: none of these triggers are firing, they don’t show up in history at all.

uploading short video events on triggers: 100% failure across the board all cams all triggers.

@WyzeGwendolyn it seems this is still failing for a bunch of folks below, any update?

Triggers turn light on, but don’t turn light off when clear or door closed.
Hope this gets resolved soon
So annoying


Having this same issue right now