Sensor and Bulbs question

Is it possible to set up the sensor and bulbs so the bulb turns on when the sensor detects motion and then it turns off after x minutes? Well, I know it’ll turn on but don’t see an option to have it turn off by itself after a specified period of time. Was wondering if anybody found a work-around for this? Thanks,


You need to create a separate Rule that turns the bulb off after x minutes.

— Edit —
I should add… they drawback to doing this is, when you want to turn the bulb on for longer than x minutes, you have to remember to disable the Rule.

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Thanks, but yeah, because of the mentioned drawback this is not going to work. This is my garage light so sometimes I’ll want to it to stay on longer than x minutes.

I have a separate switched light for the garage in addition to the timed light…

Hmm, that might work. I do have 2 pairs of lights in the garage as well. The only time where I need more light is when I’m cleaning the garage or look for stuff.