Sensitivity Issues

My wzye cam (v1) seems to have issues regarding recording / event sensitivity. I have a camera outside my apartment door, pointing directly downward. The last event I checked it appears that a package has been dropped off. There is some movement in the background, people’s feet as they enter / leave their apartments and some shadows. What there is not notification or recording of is the actual package drop-off. Wha?? Like the delivery person completely escaped the cam. The sensitivity was at the highest level.

model: wyze cam
wi-fi signal: 91%
plugin version (didn’t know I even had a plugin):

EDIT: in looking at the cam, it seems to be dropping from 25.5 kb/s to 0.0 kb/s and then reconnecting at 25.5 and dropping to 0.0 and reconnecting at 25.5…

Second edit: one indoor cam seem to fluctuate between 60 kb/s and ~82; another seems to stick between 120 and 140 but it also drops to 30 (or 0.0) before jumping up to back up. As a matter of fact, second one seems to bounce all over the place.

More edit: restarting the cam doesnt help

It sounds like hte package was probably dropped off during the 5-minute cooldown period, right? Once an event is recorded, there’s a 5-minute cooldown period before another one can be recorded. You can remove this limitation with the new Complete Motion Capture service for $1.49/month.

Or you can get a MicroSD card to capture everything. With a MicroSD card, you’ll have video of everything, but the notifications are still subject to the 5-minute cooldown. With CMC, the cooldown and 12-second limit are removed altogether.


Thank. I wonder if it also might be that it just continually loses its signal. Again, it will go from 25.5 kb/s to 0.0, reconnect and do the same thing all over again. Restarting seemed to help for about 5 minutes but then it went back to that same sporadic behavior. If it’s not the sensitivity, issues, it might connectivity.

interestingly, when I initially placed it there, it did not have these issues at all. I was getting alerts all day with people coming in and out of their apartments.