Sense hub forced firmware bricks 2 hubs

I’m having a similar issue since late August. 1st year was fine, but now I can’t register my home…fails at entering dispatch info.

This was after uninstalling and reinstalling the app as instructed by WYZE.

So now I have an alarm that can only be armed by the keypad and Moonlight has no way of monitoring me since whatever is now broken.

I’m told by WYZE that it’s a software issue, but no ETA on a fix.


Here are a list of my tickets since Nov 2022

Here is the fix. It’s an auto populated address verification. If you don’t slow down and let it auto populate it won’t recognize the address. In my case their address has an apostrophe in it when in the real world my address doesn’t.

I’m finally up and running


It’s an issue in the auto populate. I was able to resolve mine. For crying out load I have bricked 6 hubs now in less than a year Jason. Why in earth is there not a tier 2 level support that can help people.

I paid for 11 months of monitoring no one offered to help that. Replaced hubs with my own money at times. I love the Wyze eco system but the support is terrible. Everytime I call it’s like ground hog day. You speak to people that don’t have authority to fix or authorize anything. I feel the company is missing a huge opportunity there. In the words of Gordon Graham do one thing and do it well. Don’t waste time with other gadgets if you can’t perfect your core business



I tried what you said, still failing when trying to name the location. This is step after entering address.


Trust me. Go slow and make sure it does all the auto populating. If you’re using an iPhone I found that it is very easy to inadvertently override the auto populate. Once you do that it will not verify

I appreciate your advice very much.

I went slowly and still failed.

Quite disappointed at WYZE’s lack of urgency over my home’s security.

Did you see your address in the drop down?

If you did, did it paste into the monitoring set up?