Sense Bridges as a Separate Visible Devices on Home Screen

Would like the Sense Bridge to be a standalone device visible on the Home screen of the app. This could allow it to notify you if it loses its connection (goes yellow). Also, it would be great if it could then be restarted remotely through the app instead of having to pull the Bridge out of the Cam. I’ve got the Starter pack and am playing around with all the devices before getting any more equipment and am finding the Sense to be frustrating. It drops its connection occasionally and you only find out about it when you open/close a contact sensor or trigger a motion sensor and don’t get the expected result or notification. Then you have to get to the camera and check the status light to see where the problem lies. If we saw the device in the app and could see its status, then we could be notified of a disconnect and reset the device remotely to get all the sensors working again. In the case where you are away from home, you would be able to get the system working again without having to touch the bridge.

At the very least, if the Cam in which the Bridge is installed had the ability to reboot the Bridge that would be ok, but we’d still need to know that it disconnected so we can reconnect it quickly and not be blind to activities that we are trying to capture with our system.
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I like your idea. Not sure if it’s possible with the current bridge design, but as a future enhancement it makes sense.