Sense bridge offline

Is there a way to reset the Sense Bridge if resetting the camera does not work.
Pulling the power does not work when you are out of town.

@N_Jay Since you are out of town, there are not many options at this point. You can try to do a restart from the Wyze app. See the thread and link below by @DreadPirateRush

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You can reset the camera that the bridge is attached to, but in the two cases where the bridge stopped working, that did not restore sense bridge operation.
There is no “Reset” function for the bridge.

Yes. I’d like to be able to instruct the WyzeSense Hub to restart as well. Everything was fine for several days, then I left town and now all the sensors are offline.
I have just finished restarting the host camera, the only Pan in my system currently but, will be trying again.
I feel like having an update to allow sending of a restart from the app would be a great help for us who can’t deal with them in person for some amount of time.