Sense and Bulb

the Wyze bulbs are dimamble. same as your Hue bulbs.

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Yes, the Wyze bulbs are dimmable thru software control, they just can’t be put on a dimmer switch.


Oh cool, thanks for correcting me. Nice surprise. :slight_smile:

Can you explain how you did it?

  1. Create Shortcut
  2. add bulb to the action menu
  3. toggle on automatate
  4. tap Automation menu
  5. choose event
  6. choose your Wyze sensor
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Awesome! I have it all setup now. I wasn’t really looking through the shortcut menu as I didn’t realize it included the automation. Thanks!

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Still waiting for the bulbs, can we set it to trigger by motion sensor, but only during specific time period? Thanks.

There currently is no time filter for Shortcuts

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When creating a shortcut, and after setting an action, under “Automation” you can set either “Time of Day” or an “Event”. They are mutually exclusive.

Wyze Bulb Shortcuts

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Does vacation mode have to be on to use shortcuts for turning the Wyze bulb on and off?

Vacation mode directions are located just above on same page of the link I posted. :slight_smile:

Any way to make then turn on only when motion is detected and it’s dark? Otherwise they come on during the day when they are not needed.

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Have you purchased the Wyze Sense starter kit, also? You can use them to trigger actions with the bulbs.

I would like this option as well. It seems like it would be easy to do; logically ANDing motion and a period of time. ( I understand that it would be more difficult to specify AND DARK with the current WYZE BULB, as it doesn’t have an integrated light sensor).

Sorry if this is the wrong place but the Wyze Wizard sent me to this forum for wishlist features.
I have 4 bulbs with 4 more on the way. Currently I have 4 lamps in my home set up on iDevice plugs. We have 3 iPhones and when the last one leaves the home the lamps turn off. When the first phone arrives near the home they turn on. I assume it is using GPS and think this would be a cool feature. I am not sure if possible but since the Google Home and Alexa apps are on the iPhones would it be possible to use those apps + gps to allow this feature? I think currently it uses Apple Home since I doubt my 13 y/o son has Alexa or Google Home on his phone. Just think this would be a good feature. So far I am told that the sensor or door triggers can be used but this would turn the lights on even in the day. Current set up is they do not come on until after a set time or dark. Just a suggestion.

Even “dumb” motion sensing bulbs available on the market for years know when its dark, turn on with motion and turn off after a set “time-out” period. I should be able to replicate that with a smart, new, WIFI-connected solution, shouldn’t I (given that you’d probably have to update firmware to enable such a feature)? I’m very surprised this scenario/need did not come up with alpha/beta testing.

I recommend checking out this topic. You can then vote and/or comment on it. (Please keep in mind, I don’t work for Wyze. I am a volunteer moderator.)

Add Wyze skill, add bulbs through Wyze app, name bulb, then Alexa will work. I just added 4 bulbs in less than 10 mins.

We need a shortcut that will turn on the wyze Bulb when there is motion between dusk & dawn. Off is easy.

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