Sense alarms

Why can’t we make an event to set alarms for sence sensors only the cameras. Would like to be notified if a contact has opened or motion is active. Seem only camera can do this.
Also need a start time and end time in short cut
Also need to add multiple sensors to one event.


You can set notifications for contact open and sense motion detected in the app. If you need help on how to set that up, check out the Support section, top right.

Please hop over and vote for the Wishlist topic below. When implemented, this will allow you to schedule sense notifications:

Please explain what you mean by this.

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I don’t want camera alarms on, just certain sensors. A checklist of item to be active. Or a shortcut. To activate different lists of items.

Jon M.>

You can do this with IFTTT. You can also send sms text and email notifications vs ones that require the app to be active.