Send PICs only to save BW

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I have a bunch of Wyze Cams with the Cam Plus subscription. One of them are located on a 4G hotspot at my boat dock and I want to reduce BW. What is the best setup to do this? I’d like it to send me only SSs of motion when it detects it and then I Can connect live to check it out. I need to prevent all the cloud recording every time it detects motion,

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Remove it from Cam Plus Lite.

Go to Accounts → Services → Cam Plus Lite at the top and remove that camera from the Cam Plus lite license.

Note: You can still record to an SD card for free without using any Bandwidth.

The camera will now use bandwidth to send a screenshot frame when motion is detected and use bandwidth when you live stream it or view SD card playback, but it won’t keep uploading cloud recordings.

One downside is that it also won’t have any “Person Detection” anymore, just motion.

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