Send email notification upon detection of microSD card issue

Even with my “high endurance” microSD cards, occasionally, during a routine check, I will find that a microSD card is NOT WAD (working-as-designed). The user will NOT notice this during a look at the live view of the camera. :eyes:

This means that the user needs to go into the “view playback” function to verify the microSD card is WAD. IF the user has several cameras (I have 6 w/ microSD cards), this can be a tedious process.

Oftentimes, a format of the card gets the card wyrkin’ again.

Basically, if I tell the camera to record to a microSD card, but that does NOT wyrk, plz inform me. This situation could be programmatically solved with the use of a “try catch throw finally” piece of code.

In my case, I would desire a simple email to notify me which camera has a microSD card that has some sorta issue. I would not want just a notification cuz I have all notifications turned OFF.

This “issue detection” is similar to Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log, but specifically addresses the microSD card.

[Mod Edit]: Title modified to enhance search clarity. Note that this request is similar to “Indicator in app for SD card issues”, but stipulates email notification.

I do like your idea but I am also curious, this would be one of the very first issues I have heard about using high endurance cards. Could you tell me a little more about that one?

I recently experienced a “no card found” error from a “high endurance” card in a V1 camera. If I recall correctly, I had a similar error in a V2 camera. I’ve been using 5 “high endurance” cards for yeeaaarrrrrsssss.

The card appeared to be seated in the camera correctly. Eventually, I put the card in my desktop computer. My desktop immediately said the card needed to be formatted. The card then worked in the camera.

It is very difficult to figure out if “high endurance” cards are not perfect, OR, if there is some error on Wyze’s end. I believe the standard warranty on “high endurance” cards is 2 years… so… perhaps the high endurance cards eventually begin to fail :cry:

Effectively, this proves my case… that “issue detection” should be included in the code.

What high endurance cards are they? What brand and what model? For instance being the SD nerd on the forums here I’ve done a lot of research on them and upon discovering transcend SD cards they make a really nice high endurance card but you do pay for it, whereas the Samsung Pro endurance cards which are also high endurance rated are amazing cards for a great price and the pro endurance cards are what the majority of wise users go with. That’s the two that I would rate highest in use among our cameras, that is why I’m so curious on what brand and model they are

I have 3 different brands purchased at different times over several years… so… it would be statistically sloppy of me to draw conclusions. Also, I don’t want to #hijack my own thread.

Upon further reflection, I estimate that Wyze will never fix this. I imagine their long-term vision is cloud storage, which translates to a revenue stream. That may become #pricey for those who have many cameras :moneybag:

NAS has 1075 then-current wishlist votes.

In any way, they still need issue detection if files are NOT being created correctly!