Send a log without using Apple mail

I have a cam which after 7 months has gone flaky. I tried to send a log, but it wants to use Apple mail. I don’t use Apple mail and I’m not going to set it up for this. Is there another way?

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it should give you any email options you have on your phone. I use my gmail to send my logs in. what service do you typically use?

Gmail app. What it says is that the email app is not available.

it should give you all your options to click when you go to submit it. for some reason do you have apple mail setup as a default for some reason? maybe it comes as default from the factory ( sounds like something apple would do) and you need to change it.

I think @Bam is on the right track. I have Outlook installed on both Ipad& Iphone and set as my mail client and any logs or requests go out thru it.
Assume that Gmail is functioning properly in other usage?
** See my retraction/ caveat post below. Case of second thoughts! **/

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Here is what I found on the Apple support forum:

You can set a Gmail account as a default account to use when creating emails in the default Apple Mail App.

You cannot change the Default Mail app to anything else. That is, when creating an email from different App, it will always do so using the default Mail App. It cannot be set to use the Gmail mail App or the Outlook mail App etc…

Here is what Wired says about this"iOS famously (or infamously) doesn’t let you change the default apps—that’s why web links always open in Safari, and why images always open in Photos. You do have the option of installing alternative browsers, photo editors, email clients, and so on—they just can’t act as the defaults."

So, I don’t know how anybody is doing this unless there is some setting in the Wyze app itself to change the email program.

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I think i might have to retract my statement above. It appears to me that what I send goes out thru Outlook but I don’t know that for sure. Emails I create and send show up in Outlook ‘sent’ and seem to have come thru Outlook but I realized that if I select a photo and share it the reply sometimes comes back to my Apple mail.
Gonna have to plead ignorance on this one.

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Thanks @wwilson. Your info made me remember a couple of quirks that I had forgotten. My logs do go out without problems and all my emails do come and go thru Outlook but I also do have Apple mail installed. Could be that my logs go out thru Apple but if Wyze replies it comes in to my Outlook. Now I’m really confused.

wow apple…wow. reason number 40001…

its tragic that a company with all this ability and promise is like a partner in a horribly toxic and controlling relationship and will only give you permission for somethings…and very rarely is that the best option.

its amazing sometimes.

sorry this is giving you such a headache trying to do something so simple.