Sell Outdoor Cam Mounting Hardware Only

Would be nice for a portable cam to have more than one base or stand. The adjustable mount or stand should be sold separately so the cam can easily change locations.

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Great idea!
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I like the idea but think there are plenty of 3rd party mounts available online already and think there are other priorities like hiding the SSID of the Outdoor Cam Base Station for security :slight_smile:

I agree. I realize you can use 3rd party mounts, but from what I see none can use they all need to screw in, Additional magnetic mounts would be better.

WIll there ever be a just buy the base wifi for the cams only? i already own the cam and i only need the base. Do you sell just the wifi base alone for your service? i dont need or want an additional cam.

Agreed. I don’t need multiple cameras but it would be nice to be able to have multiple magnetic bases so I could move the camera around to different locations as needed/wanted.

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