Selecting Event on WYZE app on Lenovo P11 Tab goes to live instead of event?

On Lenovo P11 Pro Tablet when a event is selected the app goes to Wyze V2 live screen instead of the captured recorded event. I have Cam Plus and have tried deleting and reinstalling the app with the same issue. On my Motorola Edge 2021 it works correctly?

Are you clicking a notification banner or an event in the events tab inside the app?

If you click a notification when it’s still really new sometimes it takes you to a live view. Is there a timeline/scroll bar below the live view?

I’m clicking on the event in the event tap inside the app. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with the same results as well as resetting my laptop. There is no timeline/scroll bar the under live View. I’ve also checked the App on my Motorola Edge 2021 Smart phone and is works correctly . Based on this I checked all the settings in both apps (Cell phone and P11 Tablet) and the settings are the same. Apps at the latest level and on the same wifi network. Both at Android 12 but I believe there is a different version for tablets > 12 for smarth phones and 12L for tablets. Any ideas

A few separate questions
In Wyze app settings there is options for
Hardware decoding
Running in background
Both of which are unchecked on Phone and Tablet > Seems like Hardware decoding should be better than app and not sure reason of running in background?

Can you send a screenshot of the live view page it takes you to.

Also, does the SAME event work on one device but not the other?

The same events on my Motorola edge 20 2021 smartphone go correctly to the event when I press it but not on my lavono tab P11 pro

That live view is actually the apps Home Screen, where all your devices are listed. It seems that when you are trying to open an event it crashes back to the Home Screen.

What app version and OS version are you on?