Select start and end time of video to download

We need to be able to select a start and end time when downloading video off of an SD card.

If I want to, say, download a ten minute chunk of time from 11:03am-11:13am, I currently have to hit record and wait 10 minutes. If there were a slider in the time bar where I can set the start time at 11:03 and the end time at 11:13 and have it download directly to my phone it would save all of us a LOT of time.

How else am I going to watch videos of my cat going crazy? :slight_smile:

This is an underrated wishlist item. I just barely ran into it. I would LOVE an option like this. I hate having to sit and record in real-time like that. Setting a start and stop would be so amazing. I wish this had gotten more attention.


If we can’t be trusted with direct access to our SD card footage files to transfer, this would be an acceptable compromise.

Why is it so hard to share recorded videos?

I feel like there should be an easier way to share saved SD card videos in-app. The app option right now is it to hit record on the playback screen and wait the entire duration of the clip you want. I need to share 20 to 30 min long videos, so that is not doable.

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The limitation to doing this is in the way the files are saved to the SD Card.

The cam records and saves individual 1 minute mp4 files to the card. The video files start at the beginning of each minute and run to the end of that minute. They are then saved in a folder for the date, a subfolder for the 1-24 hour number, and named with the number of the minute.

The SD video player is just digitally stitching them all together consecutively to view them. There is no way to download just one file from the 20 or 30 one minute video files you would need without using the player to stitch them together while it plays and save that to one new file: aka Record.

This shows the file structure, it is showing the SD video recorded for minutes 57, 58, & 59; hour 14; date 10-26-22

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