Seeing weird images in infra red mode at night time

Seeing weird images in infra red mode at night time.
Did anyone seeing same?

Not sure what kind you’re talking about. Could you post some screen shots please? Thanks.


Could be insects, bugs, dust, particles, alot of things, but like @AnnWithAPlan stated, a video or screen shot would help alot. Welcome to the forums!


Yes, dust, bugs, webbing, or water. It is ALWAYS one of these. They reflect the IR lights. Disable the lights in the app and most all of the false detections will stop.

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Aww ok. What about uploading to youtube or another storage place and providing the link?

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I have had similar things that I first thought was someone playing games with me. It appeared as a moving round, white area as a flashlight would do at night. One was at my driveway, crawling over the cars. Another was in the laundry area. Looking for a mouse, the circle climbed the wall, moved horizontally and disappeared.
I read somewhere that was an AI issue. This took place late last year, I may still have those and other videos on a drive.