"secretly reopened" Wyze Car Orders?!

How do I get in on the know for “secret” events like this in the future? Was this a social media thing? As an early adopter and Wyze-a-holic I hate missing these things.


Welcome to the Wyze community @Firelit!
I don’t believe users weren’t notified of the “secret” launch.
In terms of product launches, make sure you’re on the Wyze email list(you can sign up here: https://wyze.com/newsletter)and you have promotional email notifications turned on in the Wyze app. To do this, go to the account section of the Wyze app, then notifications, then email notifications.

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I’m subscribed, last newsletter I received was from May, is that right? I guess I still feel a little burned from trying so hard and failing to land one during the release to then see, “orders secretly reopened from June 21st to June 22nd” in the weekly preorder update.

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