Second trigger after 5 minutes?

I have a trigger to turn the porch and foyer bulbs to 100% when the doorbell is pressed. That works great but I want to turn the bulbs back to 50% after 5 minutes. Is that not possible or am I missing something?

I was looking for a way to do the same, and didn’t find out. I’ll try again. It’s been a good while since I looked…

There is no trigger I can find to do this. But there is a work around. you could put a plug in place and when the doorbell is pressed, turn the plug on. Then set a trigger that says when the plug turns on, set lights to 100%. Then another trigger, when the plug has been on for 5 minutes, turn lights down to 50% and turn the plug off. Simple options to try.


Good thinking with the plug! I do something similar for my porch light to get sun up/set actions. But I think the bulbs have sun time triggers now. I’ll see about that, and change my plug to be the bulb brightener. I thought about brightening / dimming the bulbs with person detection or doorbell press.

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Thank you both with helping with this. I happen to have a few extra plugs so this will work perfectly for me. Thanks again!!!