Searching rules

I know this may be the wrong place for this post, but I can’t find an answer nor can I find a place for this question.

I was wondering if there is a search in rules to look for products or triggers. I have a couple of plugs and lights that keep coming on when they shouldn’t and I have items cutting off when not wanted. I have looked through out my rules, but I’m sure I’m overlooking it. I have around 200 items from Wyze and I have roughly 80+ rules including triggers and schedules to hunt through.

If I have posted this in the wrong spot, please admin’s, move it to the right place. Thank you for any answers and placement.

There is no Search capability. I do know that it has been requested to provide an ability to see which rules a device is being used in. With that said, do you use Alexa or Google? I have setup Alexa Routines to control some wyze products, forgot about it and thought I was going crazy as they were running. :slight_smile: Just some other place to look at.

I would go through the Rules History and see which rules have fired to determine which ones touched the devices being set. You may want to clear your rule history to start fresh.

Also, you may want to create a lof byt going to Account > Wyze Support > Submit Log > Wyze App and Services > Rules

Then post the log here. Opening up a ticket and providing that would help as well.

@QiS , is there anything else @melocco76 should provide to narrow down the search?

Hi @melocco76 Sorry for your inconvenience, unfortunately, we don’t have a searching tool. Instead, we’re working on a diagnostic tool that can help you to detect conflict rules.

For your issues, could you tell me more about your ghost rules?

  • The rule name
  • App version
  • When did it happen?
  • Submit a log for us to dive deep