SD issues

Hello, does anyone know how to access the live stream from two weeks ago. I have the sd card in there but it wont let me look past 2 weeks.

what is it showing you ( if you can post a screen shot)

How big is the card you have in there and are you running event only or continuous recording?

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It’s constant live streaming. It’s the regular SD card that came from wyze

live streaming? did you mean continuous recording?

and what does it show when you click open the calendar?

If you have continuous recording with a 32GB uSD card, there is no way that you will have recordings from two weeks ago. When the card gets full, it erases the oldest hour of recording to make room for current recordings. Unless you have a VERY undisturbed location, you will not find recordings more than a few days old. For example, I just looked at one of my cameras that is in a normally unattended radio room at a mountaintop radio site. My oldest recordings are 101 hours ago. That is with a 32GB card and continuous recording.

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As others have written you probably don’t have recordings older than 2 weeks for Live Stream. It does depend on resolution.
Unless you get into RTSP or pull the card the continuous recording overwrites as it fills the card.
They are working on a solution for easy record to an external hard drive (NAS), but it’s not here yet.
Tell us more about your parameters - Do you need high resolution? For example if you are looking to see bear around a camp 360p resolution might do (minimal storage), if you want to identify faces on people you may need HD (lots of storage)

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