SD Card Viewing and recording

Boy, you know how to make someone feel good about themselves haha.

Needed to read that today, thank you @carverofchoice.

and yeah @ssummerlin mainly was asking if it was a Wyze SD card so we could send you another one if it’s faulty. We do guarantee our own cards working so if it doesn’t, you could call support to try another one.

I will say that @dave27 is right here, a strong Wi-Fi connection to scrub SD card footage is imperative. If customers are having problems I usually recommend to both replace the SD card with a Wyze branded one and bring the camera closer to the router. If that works, grab a wi-fi extender and you should be ok.



Sign up for Cam Plus Unlimited :heart:

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Has this issue been solved yet? I have five cams all of them have micro SD cards, and all of them stop recording to the SD cards and these are brand new SD cards lasted barely month. I am surprised to see so many people having the exact same issue. This looks like it’s a big plug to get everyone to sign up for their cam plus cloud program

I disagree that there are fake SD cards going around because I bought a large batch of SD cards and I use them in other devices and they still work fine. The only ones that have died or have issues are the ones in my wyze cams, which is why I came here to figure out what is going on because it’s obviously something to do with the wyze cams.

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I started this thread back in January and I am absolutely frustrated, irritated and disappointed beyond belief. WYZE has ignored and failed me…

I am so tired of people trying to suggest the issue is either the SD card or my WiFi signal. I have tested and ruled out everything possible. In my case, it is absolutely related to the OG cameras.

I have even taken the same SD card that wasn’t reading correctly out of my OG and put it into a V2, and a Pan Cam, it starts reading back fine. Even the video files that were placed there by the OG junk cams. I have replaced the original cards with three different brands of high end SD cards and they don’t work either. I have OG cameras that are 4-10 feet from my router and they don’t work. I have V2 and Pan Cams that are attached to the next building over and down my driveway that do work.

That is a small fraction of the time I have spent trying to root cause this issue!!! It all comes back to the OG cameras are failing with some firmware level that was released.

I have opened two tickets with WYZE support only to be closed for no reason without ANY response back. I have begged for help on these forums hoping for WYZE to maybe read one of these and respond. NOTHING!!!

I have submitted this issue for “Fix-It-Friday”. It wasn’t picked.

I have asked if CAM Plus would help. No response!!! I have offered to replace my 15 OG cameras with V2’s or V3’s with just maybe a very small bit of compensation. NO RESPONSE!!!

I am heavily invested in the WYZE eco right down to the Vacuum cleaner. At least 100+ devices. I am so desperate to get these cameras working for the security of my house and family that I have resorted to replacing them with V4’s. I now have 6 of them with 6 more coming. Nice job WYZE…your lack of response and support resulted in you selling more cameras!!! (15) OG cameras I wasted money on!!!

The WYZE support is horrendous

Maybe WYZE Matt will filter this thread and read my responses.

If anyone reads this that may be considering WYZE for their smart home… DON"T DO IT!!!


Hi All -


Bought my first Wyze cameras (4) back in like Novemeber 2023 just to try them and see how they work. The first 2 months were great - everything worked nice and I was fully able to review SD cards SANDISK EXTREME… no delays with playback - no issues at all.

These last 3 months have been a joke - SD Card playback is spotty and NOT FLUID - if they work at all…. It’s just hard to get the time just right so they play and I can actually watch the video of something happening…. Reading all the issues about this is nutz!?

I thot - two months ago Wyze will just figure this out and get it all working again…. Mmmmm…. Or maybe not!?

I would say at this point - it’s starting to feel more terminal - and for a lot of people…. Feels like Wyze might be on its way to being Bye Bye!!? Not just for me - but as a whole!??

Definitely not just a brand or model of SD Card thing - not a WiFi issue…. This is a Wyze issue.

Hoping all of a sudden Wyze figures this out and gets stuff working for us all - but…. Starting to look for a brand/cameras that Work now.

Good luck guys and gals!

Have. Good weekend.


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Great observation.

Anybody else care to share photos of their OG pile? This is the first 6 of 15 that will be coming down and trashed.

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Too bad you cannot donate their bodies to science. Some energetic person needs to determine what went wrong.

I am replacing the OG’s with V4’s. I take the exact SD card out of the OG and put it in the V4. The playback works fine even on the video that the OG placed there. As an example for clarification… I swap the card and initiate the camera. I can immediately playback video from 2 days prior. Same mounting location on my property, same 2.4ghz connection, etc.

Again, these OG’s were working fine for months. They all started having the same playback issue at the same time. I believe it was just after a firmware update. I blindly update any camera with firmware as I receive notices they were available. I seem to remember having to update a bunch of my 27 cameras at the same time. I think it was the OG’s.

I think this is more substantial evidence that it is an OG issue. Not my SD card or Wi-Fi connection. Bottom line is these OG’s are un-reliable to many people and exhibit many different issues. It is unethical for WYZE to still be selling them and propagating these problems.


Agree Agree and Agree.

WYZE - needs to step up - fix the firmware that ALL of us are having issues with. Send out a response to your post - telling us all what happened, what they did to fix it - so we can all move on. I am closer to just abandoning WYZE and moving on - but if they have a fix - I highly suggest doing it today!

WHAT - a HASSLE. For what 4 months now!?

U G H.

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I am ready to do the same thing. I am moving to a different camera. I am testing out LaView B20 2K. much better video. You can continuous record to SD card. You can download video by file download OR record during playback. You also can view online via a web browser for FREEEEEEE. No extra charge. Cameras cost around $60.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will need to check one out. I’ll try to get one on order this weekend.

Yes, you are correct! I am super disappointed! I just upgraded some of my cameras to the OG and OG Telephoto and these are my only cams having this SD playback problem! And I have Cam + also. So not having a subscription is not the problem.

Suddenly, SD playback and record is now working using the app on my Android phone. But it is still not working on the Apple IPAD IOS device.