SD Card Viewing and recording

I have been having problems on my V3 with viewing the SD card footage. When I try to view playback it shows the blue timeline where it’s supposed to have recorded video but says “No Video At Selected Time” and my card shows gradual storage over time but no matter what I do I cannot view the playback. I have formatted my card, I have done all troubleshooting steps, but nothing has changed. My V2 will not let me view playback from events video screen, but if I click on that camera from the main page and hit view playback it will let me view it. I’m not sure why it will that way and not from events page though. Anybody had any luck?

I have not had any luck. I have two open tickets and all I get is boiler plate BS return emails that say they are working on it. They don’t acknowledge they have root caused, or even recognize there is an issue but they are working on it. Maybe if you turn in a ticket, it may help to emphasize an extensive issue within the community. Their awesome advice is to keep watching for new firmware updates.

Here is their response:

"Thank you for getting back to us! I’m Jeffrey, and I appreciate your patience as we work on addressing the playback issues with your Wyze Cam OG cameras.

I wanted to provide you with an update: our dedicated Engineering Team has received the logs and is actively investigating the matter. While I don’t have a specific timeframe for the resolution at the moment, please be assured that they are diligently working to identify the root cause and implement a swift fix. Since the Engineering Team operates offline, direct updates from them might be limited, but they typically address such issues through firmware and app updates.

To stay informed, I recommend checking for app and firmware updates regularly, as these may contain the necessary fixes for the playback issue. We understand this situation isn’t ideal, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this process."

They just closed my ticket!!! No response for a resolution!

I have just ordered a different brand of camera to test. If that works out, I will have many Wyze items to sell, (27) cameras to start. If not, I will order another one from a different brand.

Includes (15) OG cameras, (3) pan cameras, (7) V2 cameras, (2) outdoor cameras and hub. Many other Wyze devices after that. Let me know if there is any interest in a package deal. (At least 100 items across their portfolio of offerings.)

All I wanted was a little support for why my (15) OG cameras would not work correctly for playback all of a sudden. These are for security around my house and I cannot even playback the events when they happen. Maybe V3 cameras would fix the issue? Who knows. It would have been easy for Wyze to suggest that and help with the swap to some extent. Instead, all I received was a BS boilerplate response and a closed ticket…

Their support is terrible. I have been with them from the beginning. You used to be able to call and get support. Now, everything goes into a black hole and nothing ever comes out. I am loyal to a company for my automation needs and I expect the company to respect and respond to their customers. It’s time to switch platforms as painful, and expensive, as that is going to be.

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Hi guys, I submitted this issue to this month’s Fix it Friday event on your behalf in the following thread:

I suggest anyone who is experiencing this issue go vote on it to ensure it is chosen as the top high impact issue this month.

Even if it is not selected as the top issue, do not panic, Jason reports all issues to get worked on, and I am sure this one will get some priority. The benefit of being the highest liked issue is that you would then get weekly reports/updates on it, which I think would be a nice benefit to get some ETA’s on the progress, etc. But either way I am confident this issue will get addressed. For everyone who reported in here having issues with OG playback on the SD cards, I also tagged you in that thread and linked to your comment saying you experienced an issue to help demonstrate that this is not an isolated incident. Thank you to all who spoke up with your experience, and for StevenP in bringing it to my attention. Let’s get this handled for you all. :+1:


Can anyone that is having this issue with the Wyze Cam OG and not being able to view the microSD card, could you please submit a log and post the log number here?


If I owned an OG camera I would plug it into a 5V-2A power brick just to see if it worked any better than the supplied 5V-1A adapter. Just a thought.


Here is log number 1341034

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I had two open and Wyze closed them without resolution. One of them was 3646179 and the other was consecutive to it. One was for standard og and the other was for telephoto og. Can you use them and reopen or do I need to open others?

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I will be glad to try that when I get home this weekend but it is curious to me how all 15 would go bad at same time if the power supply was the issue.

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I don’t think all the power adapters went bad. I was just thinking maybe a little more power like a 5V-2A supply might make a difference since the provided adapters a only 5V-1A. I have one V3 on about 30 feet of cable and it works just fine unless I turn on the siren then the cam will stop because there is not enough power due to the long cable. I used a 5V-2A supply and it worked. Maybe the hardware that drives the SD need a little more power? It is just a thought. Maybe a firmware issue screwed it all up?

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That is because of voltage drop across 30 feet of cable.

:rofl: Yes I know the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang told me that a year ago.

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That is an odd statement. I have used non-Wyze SD for multiple years with no issues.

Just saying.

I’ll add: the only SD card I had that failed, was a Wyze-branded one. It’s either Samsung Endurance or SanDisk Ultra from thereon.

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Me too. Most of mine are SanDisk or Samsung.

I think Matt’s point is less about requiring Wyze brand SD cards, than understanding that there is an epidemic of fake SD cards going around on Amazon and Groupon and eBay and lots of marketplaces. So even if a person claims they have SanDisk or Samsung or a high end brand SD card, Wyze has no way of knowing if it is REALLY a good SD card, or one of those fakes and terrible scam cards going around. When I say it’s an epidemic, I mean it’s ridiculous prevalent.

From Wyze’s POV, the only way Wyze can guarantee an SD card is “good” or “Genuine” and not a fake or problem card is if you got it from them. Their support gets a lot of calls from people using bad SD cards and blaming Wyze, then Wyze makes sure they get a genuine one and it suddenly works. After enough times of this through your support, you get jaded and don’t trust other SD cards.

But you and I get genuine cards from the real manufacturers and we’re fine. :man_shrugging:

IIRC, I think Wyze SD cards are made by the same ODM as Amazon SD cards: Longsys Electronics (ie: the same Lexar). I believe they’re in the top 5 of SD card brands/makers.

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You could be a White House Spokesperson for saving Matt. :grinning:

Matt is actually one of my all-time favorite Wyze employees. I deal with him A LOT. I can’t tell you how much this guy does for everyone in here, seriously. Him being hired as Head of Subscriptions [growth] is one of the best things Wyze has ever done. I report all sorts of things to him and he gets a lot of things handled behind the scenes. He is freaking awesome and reasonable and helpful and if something happening doesn’t make sense he goes and gets it changed. Seriously. Dude is incredible. He got Wyze to change several policies for the better. He’s active in the forums and keeps up with what people are thinking and saying even when he doesn’t reply and is constantly sharing stuff with all the other teams. I seriously wish we had a dozen WyzeMatt’s and that every Wyze team had people like him in charge. He’s got me fairly excited about Wyze’s future even just based on some things he’s been sharing here in the forums publicly.

But yeah, I do feel like I understand him reasonably well since he interacts with us nearly daily since last fall.

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Great to know some background information. Thanks.

I was waiting to hear your reply when I saw your indicator go off.

I think I will step away from the console. I said enough for today. :slight_smile:

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Probably more reasonable to say issues like this are caused by fake or cheap SD cards that aren’t up to the task. Saying non-Wyze cards (which are obviously just white labeled medium quality cards) is misleading.

I have Samsung Pro Endurance (purchased from amazon, not 3rd party, and validated with Samsung’s authenticity tool just in case) and they’ve been flawless. At the recording rate of the Wyze cams, the Samsungs are rated to last over 16 years, and are guaranteed for 5 years or continuous recording. I doubt the Wyze cards are in the same ballpark.

The issues people are seeing I suspect are related to Wifi, as that’s been my observation. Since the latest firmware update, the OGs seem much more sensitive to wifi signal/congestion, especially during SD playback. At 3AM I can watch SD on even my most distant/low signal OG with no hiccups, at 6PM when everyone around here is taking up spectrum, it gets jumpy and freezes. Meanwhile my Pan v3 which has by far the worst signal and is furthest away plays back from SD smoothly any time of day.

I’ve observed when the video freezes, it appears the OG has disconnected and reconnected to the wifi, or possibly even rebooted. So it seems it has gotten more sensitive to when it tries to “roam” or regain a better signal.


This problem did not start yesterday. Please accelerate the solution.

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