SD Card use help

Hello, new to the Wyze family, Have some questions about SD cards, I wanted to ask if there was a way currently to get alerts if settings are card inserted do not record to SD, or if the card has to be ejected status not identified, so that alert notifications will show up again. Also, Perhaps have Wyze implement 12 second cloud recording as a rule, SD card or not to identify an alert type, then hand-off the options to the SD card if one exisits and settings are applied for continuous record. Sorry, long winded. New to the game, thanks.

Alerts and the cloud 12 second recordingss have no relationship to a uSD card.

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Yes, the SD card functionality does not send alerts, it merely records events for later review. For cloud alerts you need:

Event Recording > Detects Motion
Notifications > Send Notifications (then select one)
Detection Settings (select 50% until adjusted)