SD Card not working on New Pan/Scan

I just got my camera yesterday. I purchased an SD card directly from wyze. The camera won’t recognize the card. I tried technical support, but they’re “busy”. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Might want to check the steps here:

Not sure if yours is doing the same thing.


Mine isn’t even recognizing the card.

Did you check any of the steps in the link I posted? Answering the questions from there would help also.

What links? The card isn’t recognized. Says “no card”.

Go into settings and format the SD Card. That is a habit I have for any memory card for 1st time use for any device.

I have the card installed, but I’m being told no card.

If you haven’t already remove and reseat the card. Then try to format again.

When I take it out and put it back, I get the same result. I reset the device without the card inside. Same message. Will not recognize the card

Format the card into Fat32 on your computer and put the card back in. For some reason the format function in the wyze cam pan makes it unreadable sometimes.

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Here goes a guide from wyze support on how to format the card to Fat32 using a computer.

I ordered an adapter. Should arrive tomorrow/Monday. I’ll update the status

The preferred method (as far as I’m concerned) is to use the official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association on either Windows or macOS:

I seen you post this before but never looked into it, I’ll do that now. Thanks.

Actually, someone went around posting their fix in several threads. I’m surprised it isn’t here.

I found that if you have an existing Wyze cam with a working SD card, simply put your new SD card in the old cam and it should recognize it. Format it from the app and then put it back in the new cam.

I have done that and it still said no SD card?
I have tried to restart the unit and insert a brand new Wyze SD card and it still did not works. I realize after I up dated the software all my wyze units no longer recording…