SD Card Melting

Yikes! Can Wyze please confirm that all of these first-time posters who joined just to report this anomaly aren’t working under aliases from competing companies that make overpriced less functional brand cameras? I don’t work for Wyze, but I work extensively in high tech and the federal government, most recently the United States Department of Justice. So, I can speak freely and say what most people know to be true: Whether Apple, Boeing, Compaq, Google, HP, Microsoft, Nest, Samsung, and so on, anomalies do consistently happen when consumers incorrectly purchase products sold ON Amazon by third-party providers rather than purchasing products sold BY Amazon. Even high-quality and well-made products experience these anomalies, which is why the best companies create wonderful return policies. But these rare anomalies pale in comparison to the universal frequency of corporate sabotage attempts from multibillion-dollar companies using at least one dollar of their budget to have “first-time posters” influence customers on social media to purchase their competitive products so as to maintain their brand’s dwindling market share due to being higher-priced, lower-quality, and less-functional.

Wyze must take these reports seriously and have taken these reports seriously, but do not have any requirement to do whatever any of these random consumers suggest. It’s a rare professional courtesy that Wyze has extended to its customers. So let’s be abundantly clear here: It’s very different for someone to report a problem, and quite another for posts to direct others to not purchase Wyze products, to spread fake news across social media, and to admonish pros for using the phrase “Yikes!.” This comes from an era when being stiff, corporate, impersonal and formal were considered the best way to communicate and engage with customers as US vs. THEM. This was an era before Apple and Steve Jobs created a new marketing language that appealed to the masses beyond older privileged males, and that surpassed stifling inner circles with the universality of the iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc., to such an extent that other companies like Samsung adopted this same language with half-baked software on fully-baked hardware. So, once-stiff companies like ATT, Dell, IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft now follow the leads of T-Mobile, HP, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

This is why it is the job of customer care to PRETEND that the customer is always right, regardless of how often they are completely wrong. But don’t get it twisted: It is NEVER the job of customer care to be directed by consumers on how they are to speak, act, dress, appear, vote, love, and more. They are not here to perform for customers. Such mandates are in alignment with HR and management of the company, NOT random people on the Internet. So I will strongly suggest that those who demonstrate harsh tones and rude words are in direct violation of Wyze’s own published forum communication policies and that they should adjust them or risk being banned from the Wyze community so as not to risk ruining the experience for the majority that they do not represent. I will also strongly reiterate that using “Yikes!” is in no way a violation of Wyze forum communication policies. So, people should at the very least stop directing Wyze employees how they should behave and then simply exercise their right to remain completely silent. YIKES!

[MOD EDIT: Post edited to better adhere to Wyze Community Guidelines.]