SD Card makes camera keep restarting

Has anyone had a problem where the SD Card makes camera keep restarting. After factory reset numerous times and finally purchasing a new camera. I figured out it was the SD Card, because when I moved the SD card to the new camera the new camera did the exact same thing. I am in the process of reformatting the card now.

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What kind of car do you have? Can you give brand model etc.? It’s always best to go with cards marked extreme or cards that are made specifically for video cameras or regular cameras photos.

I’ve been using these in three cameras with zero issues.

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I will be prepared for whatever comes to me if you have any problems. But I’ve had zero problems with all three cards so I’m confident that you will be fine. But if someone strange shows up at my door I’ll know why.:joy:

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Doing a full reformat of the SD card fixed the problem

I was using the cards from Wyze