Screen Goes white

Hi glasser620, please try the latest beta version on google play store. That should fix the issue now. Thanks!

thank you,

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I’m on Android 12 with app WyzeBeta v2.32.0(b150)
That was the only problem I saw was re-adding a plug app seemed hung up on a white screen.
Once I added the Nearby Devices permission then I was able to work through the white screen.

That is the only problem I have seen. I recently upgraded internet speed from 100/100 to 500/500 and had to reset a few things, first time I have had to add a new device in over a year.

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I’M on10

That is really useful. Thanks for the info. I will let team know.

yep. helped me too. Thanks srcranford

Hi billskeen,

May I know if you are using android 10 with an order version app? There should be a fix on android 10 white screen issue with latest 2.32 app.


Same problem - 2 WCO, 1 is working fine, other I get total white screen when accessing the album. It happened a couple weeks ago, tried swapping cards, swapping back, read the card on my laptop (content was there), reset camera, etc. Still problem, but somehow the album started showing up for about a week. Now it’s happening again. I don’t know if I somehow made it work previously or just dumb luck.
Currently can not see album (all white screen) on one WCO, but other is fine.
Android pixel 4xl, Android 13.
I don’t know if I am on Wyze app beta or not, can’t figure out how to tell,

Hi grscholz. This issue has been found and fixed in the few versions past. May I know what is your current app version and the WCO firmware version? Any chance you could do a short screenshot and send to me with a device log? Thank you so much!

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I wound up uninstalling the app, rebooting phone, reinstalling and so far it’s working. I don’t know what app and WCO version I was on, but I can assure you they were the most current and not beta.

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Understood. Thanks for the verifying. Please keep me updated.

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