Scheduled "Upload a short clip..." Rule Running Multiple Times

I have a few scheduled rules set up to record clips from various cameras. Lately these rules have been running multiple times. For instance, I have a rule set for 5pm to record a clip. It will run at 5:00pm, 5:03pm, 5:05pm… etc. It varies the amount of times it runs, but usually for a total of 2-5 clips. It’s happened occasionally in the last year, but it seems to be occurring almost every time now. I am especially concerned about it with my WCOs, because I disable motion, and only use 1-2 clip recordings a day to conserve battery life.

This only seems to occur with Scheduled Rules & “Upload a short clip…” as the action. It does not occur with shortcut or trigger rules.

I’ve tried syncing the time, restarting, factory reset, and re-creating the rules. Does anyone have other suggestions? Or is this a known issue?

Cameras and firmware:

v2 on
pan on
WCO on