"Scheduled Recordings" icons need to be BIGGER!

Offer more than 1 layout for the Wyzecam Outdoor “Scheduled Recordings” view. You’re offering a 2-column format and the date/time on these thumbnails is too damn small for me to read. I want a single column format straight down the entire width of the phone so I can actually “READ” the text on the thumbnails.

I would rather have to scroll down the page to find what I want than having to use a magnifying glass to see 12 different icons on 1 tiny phone screen!

TLDR: Offer larger single-column format for thumbnails in scheduled recordings. I don’t have Superman vision.

Unfortunately, it is very obvious that the Wyze software people DO believe that everyone has perfect vision. The colors and layouts are and always have been horrible and despite a massive number of requests, they have done nothing to improve it.

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Well, we’re just gonna have to keep RAISING HELL until we get what we want. We’re the buyers, they are gonna give us what we want!!! :slight_smile:

I use a magnifying glass to :eyes: the scheduled events :grin:

Don’t hold your breath.