Scheduled Exterior Lights

Curious if there is anything either in the Wyze wishlist… or if someone has done something creatively in this space. I’d like to find something to turn on some exterior lights on a schedule. The light fixtures can not accommodate the Wyze bulbs. I currently have a Vivint system, connecting to some zwave switches to control. Would like to get away from Vivint, but this is a feature we like.

What about smart switches? That’s what we use for the floodlights around our property.

Do Wyze bulbs work with Google Home?
I use generic Wifi bulbs the work with Smart Life. Smart Life items can be controlled by Google Home.
I’ve Smart Life itself set up to turn my outside lights on at sunset and iff at midnight.

With the Wyze bulbs, you can schedule them to turn on/off. Hope this helps.