Schedule Recording Saved in Segments

I scheduled a 5 hour continuous recording iwth the Outdoor Cam, I found that it was broken up into 1 minute video segments on the SD card. So, there are 300 video files each a minute long. Is this normal? How can I record this to one file?

Yes, that is how Wyze does it.
Try using a 3rd party software package such as VLC.

Thanks, but my V3 doesn’t segment the video files. Why does this Outdoor Cam?

You are saying that the V3 will save a 1 hour scheduled recording as one single file on its SD card?? That’s quite a change.

VLC is the easiest way to deal with the other cameras’ SD recordings but some people here also wrote a utility or two to join them. I don’t have a link but they were posted in the forum last year.

No, I’m pointing out that my V3 doesn’t segment a video file into one minute segments, My Outdoor Cam does.

Sorry you’re confusing me. So it doesn’t segment into 1 minute chunks. Does it segment at all? Because if it doesn’t then isn’t the answer yes, “the V3 will save a 1 hour scheduled recording as one single file on its SD card”?

That’s wierd, my V3 when set on “continuous” records into:
for example:
on the SD card the naming convention is -
record>20210216>08>17.mp4 for data recorded Feb 16th at 08:17 CST.
Then the next file is 18.mp4, etc.

For a 1 hour recording I get 60 files.
/edit - and using the Windows 10 default video app “Movies & TV” it will almost seamlessly go from file to file in the directory.

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Well actually, on the V3 I only tried doing a time-lapse and it saved it as a single file.

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Well that’s entirely different.

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