Schedule Pan Cam Pan Scan

Is there a way to create a schedule, for the Pan camera, to have it go into Pan Scan? I see a schedule to Reset position. I would assume you set that when you want it to stop scanning.


You can not set a schedule at this time to make it go in and out of pan scanning, you can however set the cam to pan scan and schedule the camera to turn on and off and it will retain it’s settings.

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This is a really useful function. It would be good to trigger a pan scan when motion is detected, by schedule or by other triggers. I can understand that it would then turn off the detection settings but i could recover the detection settings by turning the camera on/off. So the sequence would be
Setting: Detection mode
Trigger: Schedule or Motion
Action: Pan Scan for XX minutes.
Action: Turn off Camera/TurnOn
Setting: resets to original position and Defaults to Detection mode.
This would be so useful !

The expectation that this would be a possibility is why we purchased the pan.