Scan Cameras

Is there a way WYZE can make it so when you have Full screen image it can scan from one cam to the next and so on with capabilities to adjust how long it stays on each camera ie: 3,4,5,6 sec intervals etc, custom setting or preset times.
I like that you can see multiple Cam’s at once, but I have 6 at the moment but can only fit 4 on screen at once, either the scan option or larger grid option, would be great to see all Cam’s on one screen. Thanks and keep up the great work WYZE, love the system!

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If I had to guess (not employed by Wyze). This type of feature would be along the same lines as the RTSP, NAS, and web-viewer requests. While I agree that having an option to chose a “slideshow-like” cycle (with custom time delay) would be convenient. The current app is not really designed around large screened devices, but rather the always convenient tiny cell phone.
Perhaps we’ll see hints at this with an Apple TV app, or computer/RTSP/Web-Viewer announcement.

If I remember TinyCam would let me put 9 on a screen.
I found this thread by searching on Scan Camera.
What I would like to see is what @drk_204 was asking for,

Is it possible with Shortcuts or IFTT?

I now have 16 cams or so and

I’d love this too as it would function like a baby monitor and I could replace mine.