Scale while while display is on/bright

Does anyone notice a whine coming from the scale as more characters are lit up on the display? I noticed as the scale is measuring I can’t really hear anything but as the display shows the weight or body percentage it emits a high pitch whine. I’m guessing this is capacitor coil whine but wondering if it’s normal for everyone or I just got a bad one.

Thanks for checking

I have not noticed any sound at all from my test models. I think you should submit a Support Request.

I use mine daily, I have never noticed a sound from it?

I do hear 2 different sounds. The first is a groan as I step on it. And a big “WHEW” when I get off. :rofl:

Just kidding, I haven’t noticed anything. But, I’ll try to pay closer attention next time.


Lol good one. If its not a common problem then I think I will submit a support request as suggested. Thank you

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