Scale app data should be viewable offline-without Internet connection

I’d like the app to show scale data when the phone is offline. Isn’t data already stored locally?

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Sounds like a good idea. Don’t forget to vote for your own!

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OG Wyze Scale no longer displays historical metrics IN APP unless connected to scale-it used to!

I have had an OG scale for a while. I used to connect, weigh, and be able to look at my data IN APP anytime and see my historical data. Used to be able to show my doctor. Now when I go to open the scale in app, it prompts me to connect from the home page. Unless I do, the app WILL NOT OPEN into the scale section. This is a recent change, and it’s not for the better. The app should be able to display our historical data, graphs etc whether it is connected to the scale or not. Connecting to the scale should ONLY be necessary to log NEW metrics. Please research why this changed and fix it back to how it was!

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