Saving to Camera

So i went to Events and during one event i tried to save to my device and while i tried my “Honor 5x” My Emulated Android and even my mothers “Honor 5x” the files did not appear within the Album of my device. Even though the storage shows loss space after doing it.

“note it did say Saved to micro” Camera is up to date Firmware, The emu i tried to use was BlueStacks. This camera is about 1 Day old. i am using SanDisk Ultra micro sd.

Any solutions to this?

There’s no [current] option to save a photo or save a video while viewing an Event (from Event list).

You can save a photo or a video when viewing a Live stream and during Playback mode.

For videos saved, I find those in the “manual” subdirectory.
For photos saved, I find those in the “Snapshot” subdirectory.
(and not “Album” as you stated).

yeah after some tinkering with the emulator, i was curious if it would save screenshots and what the end result would be. and noticed that they showed up fine. so i knew it was saving some where.

I really think that when it says “saved to” that it should say “Saved to phone” or device you are using so that it makes it clearer as to where the file is going.

cause i just assumed it was the device itself. Anyways sorry to have bothered and thanks a bunch anyways!

For me, if a select “Take photo” , it replies with “saved to album” …
if i select “Record” it replies with “saved successfully”. …

So yea, the “saved to album” is a bit misleading.

You mention “screenshots”, which to me, is functionality the phone offers, not the Wyze app. If you take a screenshot (a feature of the phone), that is saved in “Screenshots” on my phone.