Saving camera videos, but they show they're 0:00 minutes

Has wyze made it so people can’t upload their own videos to Facebook? I save video to my phone, and I can watch it then from the saved file, but it shows that it’s 0:00 minutes long. Even though it’s 12 or 20 seconds… So I try to post it one to Facebook and it tells me that I can’t upload a video that’s 0 seconds long. Huh? Why are my saved videos showing as they have no length?. Even on the video details it shows 0:00 but obviously they are not. Also still having the same issues with detection, sometimes they’ll work, sometimes they don’t, it’s barely 50/50.

Recording from playback via SOME v3’s on the Android platform is a known issue. Check out my thread:

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But this person says they CAN play the downloaded file.

Yeah, @JasonKS can watch a clip that is 0.00 long, just like me. :slight_smile: