Samsung Shutting Down SmartThings v1 Hub

Nature of the nascent home automation beast I suppose. Still a cautionary tale for those of us trying to navigate between “cloud” server and locally hosted options, or asking Wyze to provide a hub…

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One nice thing about a hub is that it then acts like a single device asking for and using traffic on the network, rather than a hundred IOT devices separately connecting to the router and causing it to crash a lot more often. Or so I am told by others who also have had issues with tons of devices.



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Yep, almost bought into that one too. Seemed so promising.

Wink was my entry into home automation. Primarily to easily manage my Schlage lock and Linear garage door opener. I eventually expanded to include lighting control primarily via Lutron Caseta. I added Smartthings while I had Wink to play around with it and eventually moved completely over to Smartthings when Wink started with the subscription. Subscriptions, while becoming the norm, are generally disliked by the home automation crowd, IMO, unless there is real value in the subscription.

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