Sales tax question

Is it normal to charge sales tax on shipping & handling - you are.

That depends on where you live. It is legal and required in some states to charge sales tax on shipping and handling charges. Some states require sales tax on delivery charges only in special cases and some don’t require sales tax on shipping charges at all.

So, as I look back at my orders to the state of Alabama, I don’t see sales tax on shipping and handling because we’re in the second case there: as long as Wyze uses “common carriers” (aka UPS, USPS) then it isn’t taxed.

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Looking back at my past orders (to Illinois), the sales tax is only applied to the cost of WYZE goods, not the shipping and handling.

I pay attention to that! Check with your state tax requirements.

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Washington State charges sales tax on shipping and handling and anything else they can think off (like labor). Basically, all goods and services are taxed. Oregonians used to get an automatic sales tax exemption but as of July 1, 2019, they have to save their receipts and file a claim to get it back (except on certain large items as cars and boats).

Evidently it’s a complicated question:

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