RV Product Line

Would like to see more products for recreational vehicles (ie Cam that is flush with the interior glass and that might not need internet connection full time) the outdoor is kind of close to that, but not there yet. Sensors and motion sensors and security lights.

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something like that

https://www.rvlock.com/ like that

Hello. When will you create a back up camera for my truck? I have a hotspot in the truck, I would like to use the outdoor cam but the magnet is not strong enough. however the camera does work off the truck wifi and hotspot. I use my tablet to view. please create a shell for your cameras for us in the RV community. we use in-side / outside and back up cams wile driving. I would hate to have multiple companies if one app and company can do it all.

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RV life is growing, would to see more products for the RV lifestyle.

Have you considered targeting the RV world with your products. The RV world is growing rapidly, and inexpensive and reliable security cameras are needed.

Have you considered this Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3 and this Wyze Cam v3 | Wired Security Camera equal this Panasonic HomeHawk Window Camera Review (RV Security) ? The outdoor camera can also be used without an internet connection. They do have some other products they can create for RV only use.

Thanks for the information, I didn’t know about the window mount. That would come the handy. As for the Homehawk, I like it but won’t work for areas with no lights.