Rules with day or time triggers not working

Example…over a week ago I noticed that my counter light in the kitchen wasn’t turning on any more when motion is detected… turns out all the rules that have a time or day condition no longer work. If you clear all of the time and day parameters, it works… if you add them back and save… nothing works… go back in to see the days you selected and you will find them all to be clear again… seems like a server glitch not a firmware or app problem…

Also, cam events for v2 v3 and pan are not uploading to the cloud when triggered by a sensor… the event is listed under the given sensor but no video is present… you need to go and look up the time in the events section of the cams to see any videos…all devices are up to date with firmware including bridges and app. Tried everything to try and fix the issue but it seems bigger than something on my end.

@WyzeGwendolyn help!!!

If you remove all your event tab filters, do the events show up now?

I have had that issue in the past and still do somewhat. I did a Topic on this and my testing to see what is going on. Here is one of them: Scheduled Rules, and here is another: Trigger Rules with Times not firing 8/28

doing a couple of things corrected it on my side, but it is definitely a bug. I never have a trigger start on the hour or 1/2 hour. I moved mine back to 1 minute before and 1 minute after. This seemed to help. In addition, I created a trigger for start time and another for End TIme. Although I had success when setting the times in the trigger itself, I started having issues and broke them up.

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I think were on the same page but to help clarify a bit… example rule : if kitchen motion sensor has active motion, turn on counter plug, if time 5pm to 545am Mon-Sun.

Attached are 4 pics that reflect both of my issues.

And I also found a 3rd issue with the app… cant send Wyze a troubleshooting message via the app with or without attachments and or more importantly with or without system logs!



Added error message from log submission

I was getting the upload error for the Logs. to correct that, I actually went through the process of clearing all Cache. Start the app then go to the Account area, tap on App Setting and then clear Cache. Shut the App down at this point. I see you are using an Android Phone, so then Long Press the Wyze App Icon, choose App Info, the Force Stop. Next go to Storage and Cache there and clear your Cache, then close the screen and restart the phone. Once it restarts, you should be able to submit the logs (Note: a Restart may be enough). You will need to generate the issue again and then submit the logs.

Next I would go to the Rule, and disable it for now. Create a new Rule, same as you have already and set the time to start at 5:01pm and an End Time of 5:45am. Note, I occasionally do experience a 2 to 3 minute delay in the actual trigger working. Meaning, the trigger startes working 2 minutes after the time you said to start. But normally it is spot on.

I have the following set:

Notifications are controlled by a Schedule Rule: Notifications start at 9:59pm and then Notifications are turned off at 3:30 via another rule.

Lights turn controlled by trigger rule with the trigger being the motion sensor, from 10:01pm to 3:25am.

Mine is working now