Rules Vs Schedules to Turn on All Cameras

I have 4 Wyze cams set on different Schedules to detect motion sound and send notifications. One is on all day the other 3 only at night. I was looking for a shortcut way to turn on all cameras using RULES.
I set a Rule with a shortcut to turn on all cameras, detect motion and sound and send notifications. I want to use this for when I leave so I did not have to reset each cameras SCHEDULE.
Well the RULE does not work. When I turn it ON the cameras only follow the Schedule. Does a SCHEDULE override a RULE?
I’ve tried ITTF and I’m just not techy enough nor do I like sharing my location with any app.
Thanks for and advice

I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking. Rules are a generic term that consist of Shortcuts, Triggers and Schedules. So, when you ask, “Does a schedule override a rule,” it is hard to know what you mean by “rule.”