Rules indicate success, however cams not arming/disarming

I have several v3 cams with rules set to arm and disarm when I leave home and arrive home based on my location. Although I’m History it indicates success in performing these tasks, the cameras so not respond accordingly. Please help! It’s a pain to always have to remember to arm and disarm them everything’s I leave home and come back. Why would it indicates success in History but not perform the tasks on my cams?

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Please clarify “Armed” and “Disarmed” for your cams. The terms Armed and Disarmed are usually reserved for use when dealing with cams on Cam Protect Monitoring subscriptions. Are your cams using Geolocation Rules to Arm and Disarm your Cam Protect Monitoring? Or, are you using the rule to toggle the cam on\off? Motion Detection on\off?

What actions are you using within the Location Rule? A screenshot of the Rules might help.

While the Rule History may show a successful execution, clicking the drop carrot at the right will expand the history to show which actions were executed or failed.

By “Arm” I mean to say “Turn ON Notifications” . Of course, to “Disarm” would be to do the opposite. It’s set to use geolocation according to my settings. I don’t have a monitoring subscription. The cams are always on.
Thank you.

Without seeing how you have this set it is hard to say. There have been issues in the past with geolocation working so I don’t use it… ever. Either way, you would need one rule for enter and one for exit.

Are you using the one global app notification action or individual cam notification actions?