Rules get activated for cam group not included in the rules

I have two cam groups. One is “outdoor” (four cams) and the other group is “indoor” (three cams). The cams in the ‘indoor’ group are included in two rules sets - “home” and “away”. The "outdoor " camera group is NOT included in the two rule sets, but the rule sets do appear under “schedule and automation” / “shortcuts” on the “outdoor” group settings group. The rules cannot be removed so i assume that they are shown in case I want to add this camera group to either existing rule set. It should be noted that one single “outdoor” group camera previously was in the “indoor” group, but I moved it to “outdoors” group, changed the cam name, and removed the old cam name from the rule/shortcuts “home” and “away”.

The “outdoor” cameras are set to always be on. The issue is that I am often finding that the cams are often off. I usually notice this because I have left the house then come back (which actives the ‘away’ and ‘home’ rules for the “indoor” group only), but I notice that am not getting any motion detection notices from the “outdoor” group when I am home. I have to walk right by one cam in the “outdoor” group to enter/exit my home and when I walk my dogs, so this should trigger motion notification. But no motion is triggered. I check, and the outdoor group is off. As mentioned, the "outdoor " camera group is NOT included in “home/away” rules, so they should always be on, but it appears that the “home/away” are turning this cam group on and off via the rules anyway.

I’ve also noticed that when this happens, the event recording / detects motion for the “outdoor” cams is now “off” as well, even after I manually turn the “outdoor” cameras back on. Turning this off is one of the settings in the “home” rule. The “home” turns off the cams, motion detection and notifications. This means that every time I leave my house and come back home, I have to rememer to manually turn every cam in the “outdoor” group on AND manually turn the “detect Motion” setting back on for each camera.

UPDATE: I have now updated the “home” and “away” rules and added the “outdoor” group to be turned “on” in when either rule (away and home) is activated, but the “outdoor” group is still being turned off when I leave home and come back.

The outdoor cam is firmware v – which is current
The signal strength is three bars.

I finally figure this one out. I have IFTTT setup to turn my cams or or off when I leave the house. I set them up a VERY long time ago and completely forgot about them. I was trying to figure out what the “trigger” was for the Rules in wyze, and then it dawned on me. The issue is that IFTTT allows one to do individual cameras or ALL cameras, but NOT groups. I had the IFTTT set to ALL. I need to be able to do groups.

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