Rules for floodlight

Hi guys

So my floodlight cameras go offline a few times during every month

This can be a bit frustrating as I need the cameras up all the time . A lot of the times they will go offline while I’m sleeping and I only find out they went offline when I wake up and I open my group

Just wondering if anyone here can help me set up a rule as I’m not too good with them

So what i do when my cameras go offline is i just turn off the light switch powering my floodlight and turn it back on and they will connect

But I want to set up a rule , that so when the floodlight cameras go offline , my wyze switch will turn off for a minute and then turn on to hard reset the floodlight and my cameras can get back online whenever it happens

That way I don’t have to do or I’m either busy , any help here , thank you

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Not sure if it’s possible to check if a device is online in a rule. @R.Good is the rules genius so he may find a way.

Shame. Wyze needs to add more accessibility for rules , we’re limited when it comes to it…

Unfortunately, no. There have been many requests for some way to monitor the status of devices in the event that they lose network connectivity. Can’t do it with IFTTT nor Alexa routines. You might be able to find a third party monitoring app and use that to hack something together, but nothing easy or simple.


Add this to the wishlist. Although I’m sure it’s already there. Make sure to vote for it

This is related. It’s in researching phase

@WildBill got it :+1:t3:

Sorry for the delayed response @IEatBeans been a busy week.

Thanks for the tag