Rules failing 5-21-20

Mine were still not working so I rolled back to firmware and everything came back to life.

Same here. Light turns on after motion sensor trigger but will not follow the rule to turn off five minutes after the sensor clears.

Wyze can’t keep having these major software disruptions if they want to be taken seriously.

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I’ve been having trouble with my rules for a while. I have two. “Home” and “Away”. I have two groups of cameras “inside” and “outside”. The “outside” group should always be on. The “inside” group only comes on when I leave home. I’m having trouble getting the “Home” rule to work consistently. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, so I have to manually activate it to turn off the inside cameras when I’m home.

Yup, me too. Mostly my IFTTT rules not working with my Wyze Smart Plugs.

I have several (9) cameras which are not now picking up motion detection for some reason. In the past, my issue was picking up too much and limiting the feedback. Looks like someone is playing with something to fine tune. I use Wyze cameras as a experiment, Always some issue to deal with. Typical with Amazon! Finally, they get it. Don’t waste you time following-up.

Put me down as having issues too. Mine are a bit different but I can now see its a global problem and not just myself.
My issue is the rules won’t display or record video so I get error messages when trying to watch back or can’t download at all because it says it doesn’t exist. I contacted Wyze and was told to flash firmware (lmao. The typical wyze solution) and i refused to do it as 1. It has nothing to do with the problem I’m experiencing. 2. I’ve lost 3 wyze camera’s from past firmware flashing. 3. I shouldn’t have to do this, I never signed on to be a programmer for my wyze cams.
Like i saw posted above, ill wait to see if Wyze will eventually fix it on their end but I’m not holding my breath.

My faith in Wyze is long gone now. :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ve been using IFTTT and the sensors were working fine with non-Wyze light switches to fire up if they sensed movement or doors opened then all of a sudden they just stopped working. i’ve deleted the IFTTT triggers and re-added but nothing.


I too have had all kinds of issues during the last few weeks. Ever since WYZE made their big firmware change by cameras no longer access their SD cards, The bridge attached to one of my cameras fails to report sensor activity.

I am unable to restart camera devices through the app, it just wont do it. I must physically unplug the camera to get the bridge and sensors to communicate again. It seems I must do this daily.

My WYZE lock automatically unlocks for no apparent reason.

These things never happened until a few weeks back.

This is quite concerning.



Mine have been working most of the time but randomly plugs not turning on with timer…motion sensor not turning on an outlet…issue seem to correct them selves but it is irritating

I recently had an issue where I had a power outage and none of my seven cams reconnected to the network. My cable / wifi modem usually takes about 10-15 minutes to go through the entire reboot process once a power outage occurs. I had to manually unplung all seven cameras to make them reconnect to the network. This was a pain because 4 of my cams are outside (in protective weatherproof cases). I realize that wyze cams are not supposed to be used as “security” cams, but I should be able to at least depend on them reconnecting to the wifi after a power outage. Otherwise, what good are they?

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Yes, I am new to Wyze rules, but I created a pretty obvious rule having motion on a camera trigger the Wyze smart plug, but absolutely nothing happens.

I would check your firmware version. If you can, try and roll back the camera firmware. there is an option for it somewhere within the camera settings area of the app. It is pretty easy and quick.

I had the same problems so I rolled back my firmware and everything came back to life.

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It’s absolutely frustrating that something that should be so simple and straight forward ends up seeming like it’s always out of reach. How are simple if, then rules so difficult to make function on a regular basis? My rules have been consistently inconsistent. Unfortunately that’s just the start of the problems I have been having with wyze products. Someone stated earlier that Wyze really needs to rectify these rules issues if they want to be taken seriously. I absolutely agree. They started out as an amazing company with an amazing product but now it’s becoming more of a headache and nuisance to deal with.

I find it frustrating that Wyze IFTTT rules can only be used once and cannot be used for a group - like turn off all group A cams when I come home.

See this #wishlist topic:

Well, here we go again. After the last incident, I got my sensor bridge RMA’d. This was after I purchased a new one. Everything was great for a couple of weeks. Now out of the blue, none of my contact sensors are working. Three of my motion sensors are showing motion for over a day. This, after setting up a new bridge on a new camera, and spending 45 minutes re pairing all of them. I feel like Wyze sense is not a good fit anymore. Much easier to use Alexa integrations to turn lights and plugs on and off. I loved the concept, which is why I bought sensors for every room, and every door. But now, it is too much like work to try to keep them all operating.

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I know about that. Mine act same way. Problem is on Wyzes end. Will work for a few days then problems last for days. I don’t have confidence this will ever get fixed. Just sayin.